Grid Tied Solar Electric

  • With a grid tied system, energy is harvested during the day and is “stored” on the electric grid.  The customer’s home remains connected to the grid, and power is provided from the grid + solar during the day, and from the grid at night.  The system can be large or small, offsetting some or all of the consumption at that location.  The inverter is sized to match the solar array.
  • Customers with electric grid service get an energy audit along with a site survey to allow quoting.   If desired we provide advice about energy efficiency combined with a proposal for a budget sized grid tied solar electric system.
  • Electricity for $0.11/kWh, pays back in about 8 years
  • Financing packages are available now, contact us for details.

30% Federal Tax Credit is available until 2016
Many Tax incentives for businesses- call for details.

Wildcat Solar